What Makes Us Different from Other Term Paper Writing Service?

Other writing companies tell you that buying term paper from them will not be a problem. That the paper is originally written for you by their writers. In reality, they only have their writers paraphrase old papers for you. We guarantee 100% plagiarism free, paraphrasing free work from your term paper

When You Buy Term Paper, Expect Nothing Less Than an Original

Term paper service means the writers should be able to deliver imaginative work to their clients, regardless of the repetitive nature of the topics. Term paper writing is a talent that not all writers have, but our company writers do.

Why Should I Trust You to Write My Term Paper?

Ask our writer for a sample work not related to your order to prove that he can write a custom term paper. 2 pages out to do it. When you do your own plagiarism checking and find that the paper is original, we know that your trust in our writer’s abilities shall grow.

The Importance of an Originally Written Paper

Teachers and professors these days do not hesitate to use plagiarism checking software on the student assignment submissions. They have one purpose alone in wanting to use this software. That is, to prove that a student is lazy and doesn’t take the time to even try to write his own paper. The teachers are looking for a reason to fail the student. Of course, no student is going to allow that.

That’s why it is important that a student hires a writer who can produce custom quality work for the client’s essay needs.

A recent trend in the business is having writers simply paraphrase the old work of students on a particular topic. Giving it a new look and updated information helps to create the aura of a freshly researched and written paper. However, the trained educator’s eye is trained to spot such instances.

There is no foolproof paraphrased paper.

In a 2- page rephrased research paper, a plagiarism check software will spot about 20% of instances when a paper has been plagiarized. These normally appear as the sources of in-text citations or actual quotes being cited. Either way, these raise a red flag for the paper and the teacher or professor begins to question the originality of the paper.

While still within the plagiarism threshold for in-text citations, this idea will not deter the professor from thinking about the content of the rest of the paper. If a more thorough research is done, then the paraphrasing just might be caught, with dire consequences for the student in question.

Hiring a Knowledgeable Writer is Key to Getting Past the Censors

Go to any academic help company and one can easily hire a writer for his academic paper needs. The problem, is that the writer hired may not be worth the money he is being paid to write the paper.

Some writing companies just hire writers to fill their writer number requirement. This does not mean that they hire quality writers. Just that they hire anybody who can put together an English sentence. They don’t test, screen, and interview their writers like we do. Hiring only the best writers in the field is what assures our clients that the writer matched with their needs is the best one for the job. Our pool of writers are specialists in various fields so there is no worry regarding the quality of the paper that will be produced. Talk to a representative now.

How Can Your Writer Get Past My Professor / Teacher?

Simply put, our writer becomes you, the student. By emulating your writing style and word choices, our writers have been trained to become your doppelganger on paper. The professor or teacher will never know that someone else was speaking for you in written form because

“YOU” are the one speaking on paper.

Providing our writer with an earlier sample of your written work will help him finalize his written persona in your name. That is how you get around old Eagle Eyes professor / teacher.

An Original Paper Can Help You Understand Your Lesson

We have had students come up to us saying “I can’t understand my lesson!” Well, now you don’t have to, by contacting us now, you will receive an originally written paper based on your assigned task. It will be a paper that you can easily understand as you read it so that you won’t be caught unaware during class discussions. Once the writer knows that you don’t have any clue about the study material, he will automatically adjust his writing to a manner that will help you understand the original paper that will be submitted to you. Our writers are not just writers, they care about your education because they too are educators in their own right.

Is it Really Possible to Match Me with a Writer on Staff?

Yes, it is. Our Client Engagement Specialist is particularly trained to compare the needs of a student with the abilities of our writers. It may take a few moments for the Client Engagement Specialist to match you up, as we have thousands of writers on staff who fit the bill, you can bet that the writer that is finally assigned to you is the best vetted one for your purpose.

Most writing companies are deceitful in dealing with their clients. We, on the other hand, take great pride in being on the level and transparent in all our business dealings. We have been in the business long enough to assure our clients that “our word is our bond”. We will not risk ruining our reputation over some petty misunderstanding with the client or lack of professionalism within our writers pool. Trust us, we are the best there is in the market today.