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What is custom writing? What does a custom writing company do? Alas, there is no single answer to this question. Each company defines the limits of its service itself, and if a customer had experience with one company in the past, they shouldn’t expect the same level and scope of service from another provider.

Whatever the case with you (new to custom writing in general or just looking to change the regular company), we would like you to know all the details about what kind of services we provide and what you can expect when ordering here. So…

Our services are diverse and made to satisfy requirements of every customer. Here you can order:


That is to say, we will take your paper requirements, find a writer to work on it and then deliver the entire paper before the specified deadline. Your involvement is not required at all. More specifically, you can be involved or stay out completely – whatever your common sense dictates. This kind of service includes research, drafting, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance – all of those at a single price announced before you actually submit your order form.


There might be different reasons NOT to order an entire paper – budget, timeframes, etc. Whatever it is, we here at Essay-Writer-Usa.com provide an opportunity to order only a part of the paper. This mostly concerns dissertations. When you order a chapter, we do the same things as we do with complete papers, but only for a part of it.


Don’t really need a paper or even a chapter? We can still help you. Why not have a professional editor give your writing a quick look to ensure it lives up to all the high standards? Or, if you are sure the paper is fine, why not have a professional proofreader identify possible mistakes? Whatever the case, we will find just the right specialist for you! We can even paraphrase a chunk of text to make it pass plagiarism checkers.

Add a wide choice of disciplines, papers types, and quality standards and you will see why we say that Essay-Writer-Usa.com provides truly diverse and customized services. Yet we do encourage you to try it yourself – one paper ordered here is worth so much more than even a thousand words.