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I was desperate for help. I had a different writer writing a dissertation for me at the start. He writer turned out to be a dud. He was unreliable and inexperienced. I was staring at a deadline and for my APA dissertation. This writer saved my grade with very little time to work with me.

My Writer Made Dissertation Writing Seem Easy

Other companies will write all but dissertation papers. That is because they use unqualified writers who sometimes, are not even high school graduates. They don’t realize that an APA paper is different from an APA dissertation format.

Untrained Writers Ask “What’s a Dissertation?”

Believe it or not, I had to go through 6 different writers at the other company until I found a writer who at least knew what a dissertation was. Only to find out that he could not deliver as promised. That is why I believe that I have found the best dissertation writing service in this new company.

The Cautious Tale of a Dissertation Order Gone Wrong

The experience I had with the previous writing service was a complete nightmare. At first, I made contact with a very helpful client service representative. She sold me on the idea that they could deliver my stringent dissertation requirements based upon the list that she had me email to the company. I felt confident that I had chosen the right company because they even had a money back guarantee for their more difficult paper orders. I was sent some sample work of their “top ranked” writers from where I could choose the best writer for my needs. I picked the one that I thought had a background that suited my academic requirements.

After I place my down-payment on the paper, my difficulties with them began.

I found more and more difficult to contact my writer through their messaging system. When a response was received it was rude and not related to the inquiry I sent.

I was told I was being a nuisance because I wanted an update on the work that was being done.

When I complained about the attitude of the writer, my dissertation was assigned to a new writer.

The company hand picked a writer for me who did not have the necessary skills to complete the task. I was having to guide him every step of the way in the development of my proposal. This was the point where I felt that I was duped by the company.

I was practically writing my own paper! I had enough!

I demanded a refund of my down-payment and said “Sayonara!” to the scam company and its writers. I was getting pretty nervous at this point, I was to present my proposal in 2 weeks and without a writer to help me, I felt like I was not going to meet the deadline.

Having been burned once, I was more cautious of the companies that I screened as potential replacements for the first one. I asked my friends for academic writing company referrals and the same company name kept coming up. I thought, “Give it a shot, what have you got to lose?”

I had already lost hundreds on a challenged refund at that point.

You can image my surprise when I contacted this company and was treated like the Very Important Person that I believed I was, being a client and all. The Client Satisfaction agent was courteous and empathized with my plight. Their company had served hundreds of other students who underwent hellish conditions with regards to their written needs. Even though I was assured constantly that the experience would not exist in this instance, I still did not totally believe it.

I was surprised when the writer made first contact with me instead of the other way around. This writer was in constant communication with me and even went out his way to give me daily updates on the progress of my paper. Even my request for a draft, just to see what the writer was up, was met with a cordial response. This company goes out of its way to make sure that clients are satisfied every step of the way.

No wonder my classmates and friends recommended the company with such high regard for their professionalism.

I felt completely at ease dealing with this company. Thanks to their professionalism, I learned the proper rules to follow when choosing a writing company:
Do a thorough internet search for the company location. Make sure they are US or UK based.
Make a list of questions before you contact the company representative for inquiry purposes. Don’t go blank during the talk. Talking points will help in assessing their qualifications.
A rude writer means a clueless writer. They take orders on thinking they can bluff their way through it.
If the writer can’t give you a working draft, your paper is nowhere near a complete draft version.
Ask your peers for referrals. Chances are, they have had the nightmare experience before and have already found their go to academic writing company.
Choose to work with this company. Their track record and referrals speak for themselves.
Other companies use flashy websites and stock photos of client representatives to make you fall into a false sense of calm. This is how I got scammed. I got lucky when I changed services.
Ever since that traumatic experience with that essay writing company, I have chosen to stick with the writers of this company. My days of worrying about the writer meeting the deadline and the accuracy of the work that will be delivered to me is now a thing of the past. I know that my writer will always have my back.