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Not all writing services are created equal. Some companies specialize in lower level academic paper writing. Those would be the high school to college papers. Then, there are those who specialize in advanced level academic studies such as masters degree and PhD education. Our company is one of the few online advanced academic writing companies.

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Questions and Answers:

Due to the high volume of writer applicants we receive, please refer to the information below prior to sending in your application. We will not entertain questions that have already been responded to in the Q&A.

For Writer Applicants:

I’ve just started my career as a freelance writer, can I apply for the dissertation or PhD writer position?

Unfortunately, the complexity of the written requirements of our clients do not allow us to hire inexperienced writers. We are limited to hiring writers with masters degree and PhD level writing experience at the moment.

I’m a college student with thesis writing experience, will you consider my application?

Again, we require professional writers with advance degrees in education. It is uncertain as to when we can accept college writing experience applicants at this point.

I am experienced dissertation writer. Do I need to submit my sample work with my application?

It will definitely help your application. Please attach your resume and work samples here.

May I submit my resume in case of changes in your hiring policies?

While we are not expecting to change our policies at this time, applicants who wish to be considered for possible future openings may submit their paperwork here.

Are your writers properly compensated for their work?

Writer salaries are determined by their position in the company and length of time working for us. As a writer rises in rank, a commensurate salary increase is provided. Bonuses from satisfied clients are also given on a case to case basis.

For further questions and inquiries regarding writer related concerns, please contact us here.

For Students:

We value student inquiries. That is why we have set up a simple Q&A to help guide you in dealing with our company. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us for further information. Our customer representative will get back to you within 24 hours in the case of emailed inquiries.

Why are your prices so cheap?

Like we said, we do not have formal employment agreements with our writers. They are all freelancers who work on a per project basis. As such, we do not need to worry about paying for regular hourly rates. Our freelance agreement with our writers have allowed us to pass on the savings to our clients in the form of cheap prices per page for your orders.

Can I get a Student Discount?

See our promotional rates here.

What guarantee do I get that my paper will not be resold?

After you have confirmed the download of your paper from our system, it will remain there for 2 weeks in case of necessary revisions or in case the client loses the downloaded copy. After that period of time, your paper will be placed in queue for automatic deletion from our server.

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