How to organize the case study paper

Writing a case study involves researching, designing, analyzing and organizing the paper in a way that gives clarity to the subject of analysis. It is essential for students to learn how a case study is written because it is part of their coursework. You can use different techniques to analyze a case study, however; there is only one general format for all case studies. Whether you are writing a business case study or social science cases study, you can incorporate the following format when writing a case study in any field.

  • Title page

A title is the head of your case study. The title you choose should be related to the content of your paper. The tile should neither be too short or too lengthy. Ensure you include keyword to make your case study easy to find.

  • The abstract

An abstract is a brief paragraph that generalizes the entire case study. It summarizes all the major areas discussed in the case study. An abstract points out and describes the main arguments presented in the paper. Although the length of an abstract varies from one subject to another, it should be kept brief.  A reader should have an overview of your case study after reading the abstract.

  • The introduction

The introduction is what gives the reader the first impression of your paper. It lays the foundation for the case study. You can convey what you will discuss in the case study in the introduction. Identify the problems of the case study and come up with a thesis statement. Describe the purpose of your case study. You can also analyze the marketing case study in a few sentences.

  • Present your case

Give some background information about your case study. Present the facts of your case study and the relevant points of your case. The reader should be able to identify the scene of your case with the information you provide. If there have been previous examinations on the case point them out, then present their outcomes. Address how you plan on managing e case and coming up with results.

  • Methodology

Point out the tools you will use to conduct your case study; it is important to tell your reader how you gather the information presented. All the tools in the case study should be presented in the paper should be described.

  • Results

Provide the findings of your case by presenting how the findings by identifying all the problems from the case. All the problems presented must be analyzed and supported. Use facts to back up the claims with facts and concepts.

  • Discussion

Address any questions that may have risen from the case study. In a few sentences, present the entire case and what lessons could be drawn from it. Point out the progress you have made throughout your case study. Gather the findings and synthesize the data collected in the entire case study. Present all the information form the research in a summary.

  • Recommendations

Provide strategies to solve the problems presented in the case study. From the strategies choose those, you believe that is applicable. Explain what should be done to solve the major problems of the study.  Justify each solution you give and briefly explain how the solution will be able to solve the problems in the case study. Present your recommendation in persuasion to convince your readers.

  • References

At the end of the study state all the sources you used for your case study. Give credit to all the materials you used to retrieve information for your case study.

How to use case study format APA for citing

For someone to be able to understand ‘what is a case study,’ he or she should know the format to use when writing the case. Your work should be consistent in the entire case study.     The style you choose to write your essay should be maintained from the beginning of your essay to the end.

When preparing the title page; list the title, running head, author, and the author note. In APA you should also number all the pages of your case study. The body of the case should be formatted using with twelve-point double spacing. The body should be sectioned into headers, and the case must also have a running header.

You also use APA style when citing the case study. As you list the sources, begin with the author’s names in alphabetical order. Apart from the authors name the sources should also include the name of the article, publisher, year and also the website. However, this also depends on the type of source you are referencing. The first line of the source should be aligned on the left and should be formatted with a hanging indent.

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