About Us, Our Policies and Values

Would you like to know more about a company before ordering some kind of services from it? Of course, you would. It is just a natural desire of a smart modern customer. On this page, we will not persuade you we are the best or try to persuade you to reach for your credit card right on the spot. Instead, we will just tell you about us and what makes up our business philosophy.

How did it all start?

Back when we were only starting this company, it included 10 enthusiastic writers, two support operators and one poor guy to do the administrative and management work. Back then, we believed that this business had a future and that students should have a choice – to focus on writing assignments or on their lives. Now, when the number of people working here reached a few hundreds, we still stand behind those beliefs and do our work as if we still were a small startup company.

What do we value?

There is a list of core values that keep our company going. These values are:

  1. Customer satisfaction – to do everything and a little bit more to make every customer happy.
  2. Fast delivery – the faster we work the better it is, always.
  3. High quality of service – nothing can justify low-quality work, not even fast fulfillment terms (see above)
  4. Customer guarantees – we should always provide value for our customers.

Our mission

The mission of Essay-Writer-Usa.com is to be a high-quality custom writing service that provides full-cycle writing help – starting from choosing the topic and up to applying the crowning touches.

Our vision

To vision of Essay-Writer-Usa.com is be the number one service in the US that services students all over the world, no matter what educational establishment they go to. To hire the most qualified writers and to provide help in all world languages.

Our objectives

  • To continuously improve the level of services provided
  • To hire new high qualified writers
  • To expand our loyal clientele

Every day, we work to fulfill those values and policies. We see every order as an opportunity to self-improve and develop. We also hope that our customers see and feel our efforts and appreciate the work we invest. We don’t claim to be the best (it is only for you to decide) but we certainly work as if our own lives depended on it. You will see it yourself if you decide to order.